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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions - Gems And U is an e-commerce online gem-stone shopping website and we also offers complete Astrology service for our customer(s). We provide online and offline mode for our customer to process his/her order. Important! We do not entertain under 13yrs old customers. Keep in it mind, your age should be greater than 13yrs.


We allow to our users to read Terms and Conditions before using this website, we've a right to reject any user's registration on our web site at any time without given any reason to user or to others. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully.
Your acceptance is important to our use of this site service. If you are using our service/subscribing this means you have read our Terms and Conditions and you are agree to bound by the Terms and Conditions. We have a reserve the right to update or change these T&C without prior notice. If you don't want to bound our T&C, you must not subscribe or not use our service(s).


We can refuse any order which is place by you on our site, by several reason- a) order redundancy/incorrectness & etc.. b) if we feel breaching of site/content & etc.. c) any incorrect information given by you related to your a/c no, credit card, shipping address, email-id, phone no & etc.. d) any unnecessary activity doing by user/customer & etc..
In this case (or other case which are not including here but we are not comfortable to process your order) we have rights to reject your order/registration a/c without given any reason to any one.. we may notify you via email.

User A/C

Here is a way to placing your order by registration on site (ONLINE MODE) or by calling {+91-8439744658}/emailing {} us (OFFLINE MODE). You are totally responsible to create & filling correct information & maintain your account for present/future order. Your user a/c, name,& password are very confidential, & we highly recommended you to secure your user-name/ password. You can notify us for any breach of security, but it's your fully responsibility to create your profile in a proper way & keep it secure, for any damage/loss/breach of security/transaction unsuccessful & any other loss, will not be liable/responsible in any way.

User's Rule provide services to you to use in a proper & legal way. We highly recommended that please provide only your personal information, a/c & credit card information and other information in a legal way. E.g.    Name : Vaibhav Sharma (right) E.g.    Name : xyz ABC (wrong) E.g.    Name : Unlawful topic, name, material (wrong)
will not be entertain this type of misinformation, & has a right to reject/cancel your order, a/c etc...
and will not be liable for misinformation or unlawful, which are filled by user(information, photos etc).. if we feel any misinformation/unlawful information, we'll not process your order and may cancel your registration with us without giving any reason to you or other(s).


We have right to change our website, site, content, information, picture, any service, offer(s), features, price, product and content display on website or not at any time without any prior notice and site users , some third parties tools, services & can't take guarantee for their changes, tools, services, features and others. In this way not liable for any changes & has rights to do or accept these changes without giving/publish notice.

Site Content

All material on this site, including text, images, design, icon, copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property are controlled by Direct/Indirect copying/download/create/reproduce/ transfer/modify/distribute/display any content, text, image, design, icon, copyright, trademark, & other are subjected to offense. In this case has rights to take any legal action to culprit.

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